There are times where a band album right out of the gate catches you will the melody and harmonies coming from the headphones or speakers well with Nereis you have this vibe of Power.

Prog and Thrash metal with those vocals and guitars that great 80’s hard rock and metal vibe. If you are into bands like Kamelot, Blind Guardian and Rhaspody sprinkle in band like Judas Priest, Iced Earth and then bands like Ayreon , Kings X and Galactic Cowboys and with the thrash is more like Anthrax, Lazz Rocket and White Zombie… to name a few.

I know there are more than a few bands and genres there but I’m telling you I hear all of this in music and vocals in Nereis. This album is produced to perfection too and it makes me want to head-banging all day long. These clean harmony vocals are just making me fall in love this Nereis.

There is a heaviness to all of this that makes you want to relive some great retro metal indeed. At the end of the day Nereis you need to get this out to the masses and this album will be a massive success.