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  • • “In our journey through the license plate Patamu music could not miss a good dose of heavy metal...” - patamu.com [IT]

  • • “The new way of the Italian metal seems therefore in the hands of these young players in the province of Trento...” - ItaliaDiMetallo.it [IT]

  • • “On this side and beyond the banks of the Adige, as always, you are used to living on facts and not proclamations. The last example in music is represented by the Black Star, new reality metallic boasting among its ranks drummer David Skanners Odorizzi, one that blows of HM the know.” - TrueMetal.it [IT]

  • • “From The Ashes is, unfortunately, an EP...” - Rockit [IT]

  • • “Coming from Trentino they are entrusted with the opening of the evening...” - Live report Roma Daily News: magazine MetalRock [IT]

  • • Article on the newspaper L'Adige2 [IT]

  • Interviews:

  • • “Pianeta Rock” [20/12/2017] (IT) -

  • • “Non Solo Metal” [25/06/2015] (IT) -

  • • “Materiale Resistente” [21/06/2015] (IT) -



    Live Performances

    Preview "Turning Point"


    NEЯEIS is an Italian Metal-Rock band that was formed in 2007 in Trento, northern Italy. Originally, the name was “Black Star”, but in 2017 they decided to change it.

    After the first years playing in the pubs around Trento as a cover band, in 2012 the first homemade demo of original songs, called “Burnin' Game”, was released. After that, Nereis played as the opening band for Chris Slade, hystorical AC/DC drummer, and then at Sun Valley Metal Fest, a big festival in the northern part Italy.

    In 2013 the band had a change of line-up, two of the five components decide to leave. And that's when the new guitar man Pex and the new singer Andy joined the band. The new line-up is Davide “Dave” Odorizzi - drums, Gianluca “Gian” Nadalini - bass, Samuel “Sam” Fabrello and Mattia “Pex” Pessina - guitar, Andrea “Andy” Barchiesi - vocals. In December 2014 the EP “From the Ashes” and the first official videoclip “Evil Heart” were released. In 2015 the band went on tour in Europe for 10 days, to promote this EP. In that year the band did more than 40 gigs to gain experience and achieved a great deal on the web: with more then 300.000 listens and 130.000 download of the EP on the free music portal “Jamendo”, “Black Star” were on top of the charts for two weeks. During the same year the band did some radio interviews on the national territory and “From the Ashes” has been reviewed by few metal web magazines like “italiadimetallo.it”, “truemetal.it”, “rockit.it” and “MetalRock Magazine”. In 2016 the band playing many shows as the opening band, with Riot V from New York, Royal Hunt, from Denmark and Arthemis from Italy.

    In August 2016 the band entered the studio to record the first full-length LP “Turning Point”. The album was recorded at “NoLogo Studio” and mixed by Mauro Andreolli @ “das Ende der Dinge”. Many collaborators have worked on with us, like John Salins - percussions, Vètsera - sound design, Davide Dalpiaz - synth and Isabella Turso at the piano in tracks “One Time Only” and “The Wave”.

    “Turning Point” will be released in June 2018 under Eclipse Records.







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